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"The mission of Medcore Medical Group is to ensure that all of the contracted Health Plan members receive efficient, high quality, and cost-effective health care services and to maximize the Health Plan's marketability and competitiveness throughout the service area; to promote the interests of all participating providers; and achieve and maintain a viable business and to assure long-term economic value of shareholders, providers, partners and employees."

Medcore Medical Group is a professional medical group whose aim is to evolve into the preeminent provider association within San Joaquin County.  Medcore Medical Group's commitment is to the health plan membership, which it serves, and to ensure a high-quality, cost-effective health care experience.  Strong peer review and quality assurance standards, promotion of provider interaction in developing best practice protocols and assessing outcomes serve as benchmarks for our improvement in medical care delivery.  Medcore Medical Group continues to build a network based on mutual respect and trust, and preferentially reward those providers who contribute to its' success.  Medcore Medical Group desires to be the provider association of choice by building on the strengths of its provider community and by creating long-term relationships with health plans and critical players along the continuum of care.